Cowles Company invests actively in small, high-growth potential companies and growth funds located primarily in the western United States. Our roots are in journalism but our holdings span manufacturing, forestry, real estate, digital media and green technology. Across the spectrum, we believe innovation, passion and integrity drive value. The company targets investments that seek to take advantage of one or more of the following:

  • Disruptive media, energy and consumer technologies
  • The aging of the baby boomers
  • Global interest in sustainable and renewable products and energy
  • Heightened interest in physical and virtual security
  • Local businesses with potential to address national scale markets

We look for clear points of defensibility such as a strong brand potential, protected distribution, patented products and exclusive product or service rights. We seek partners who share the value we place on trust, integrity, hard work and communication. Our target investment range is $250,000 to $5 million.

Cowles Company brings expertise in sales, marketing, promotion, manufacturing, distribution and finance from over a century of experience operating a diverse portfolio of businesses. We have special understanding of family businesses. We invite you to contact us to explore opportunities where we could add value for you or your company.

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The companies below include our current active portfolio as well as previous acquired companies.


As an investor in our company, Cowles Company and its staff has been truly world class. Since inception of our partnership, Cowles has proven diligent, supportive and helpful throughout the process. etailz’ partnership with Cowles has allowed us to rapidly expand our business and has supported the growth of countless jobs here in the Spokane community.
— Bill Kinzel, CFO etailz Inc.
We found Cowles to be an extremely thoughtful investor that is interested in forming long-term relationships. Unlike most institutional investors, Cowles has the ability to be flexible with both the amount of capital they invest and the time frame".
— Kevin Cable, Managing Director Cascadia Capital
CloudEngage couldn’t have asked for a better investor and partner than Cowles Company. Further, Steve Rector, CFO of Cowles, has been a tremendous addition to our board. He demonstrates a great understanding of our space, has exhibited solid judgment and is clearly involved to assist us in fulfilling our vision. Count yourself lucky if Cowles Company helps you move your dream forward."
— Paul Wagner, CEO CloudEngage
Entrepreneurs know that when the time comes to seek outside investors or angels it creates expanded opportunities as well as additional risks. Not only are we seeking money — we are seeking a trusted partner, a trusted advisor who will candidly provide sage advice and experienced guidance for both the near term as well as the long term. What I learned in securing investment capital from Cowles Company is that Ag Energy received the capital to continue innovating and bring our product to market, but importantly, we partnered with the right investor. We received the sage advice. We received experienced guidance. Working with Cowles Company we garnered a trusted advisor with Steve Rector.
— Philip Appel, PhD, President, CEO Ag Energy Solutions, Inc.